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Prime Minister's Address! The Fourth Edition of Impact PME Conference Successfully Concludes with Support from Six Ministers!

Updated: Jan 11

On November 30, 2023, the fourth installment of the Impact PME Conference, organized by BFM Business and CPME, concluded successfully at Station F, the world's largest startup campus situated in Paris. The day's agenda encompassed two plenary sessions, four conferences, 14 workshops, and five speed meetings. Distinguished experts and visionary entrepreneurs convened to deliberate on the execution of the "Dare to Export" initiative put forth by the European and Foreign Affairs Minister on August 31. Furthermore, the discussions were centered on augmenting the allure of businesses and integrating the principles of artificial intelligence and ecological transformation into the core identity of companies.


The conference theme, core issues, conference date and venue of the 4th Impact PME are presented.

The exhibition effectively fostered reciprocal "inspiration" among business leaders, prominent partner groups, institutions, experts, and journalists, thereby nurturing a more interconnected social network. On this occasion, political leaders engaged in substantive dialogues with entrepreneurs who actively contribute to job creation in France.


Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne delivered the inaugural address at the event, with a key emphasis on the announcement of the adoption of a small and medium-sized enterprise test to mitigate the adverse effects of inflation on businesses of that scale. This initiative aligns seamlessly with RougeLink's commitment to supporting such measures in its services aimed at facilitating the global expansion of businesses. Alongside the Prime Minister, no fewer than five ministers were in attendance at Station F. A notable highlight of the morning was the presentation by Didier Boulogne, Deputy General Manager for Exports at Business France, elucidating the specific measures of the government's new plan, providing robust tools to propel the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.


During the CPME workshop in the morning, one of RougeLink's partners, Ms. Xiaoyan Chen (Cherry), introduced the company's collaboration review mechanism to participants. This mechanism was aligned in advance with the new policy proposed by the Prime Minister. The practical workshop provided insights into the specific measures of the government's new export plan, offering powerful tools for the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises. The following are some key specific measures:


A photo of Rougelink’s partner: Xiaoyan (Cherry) and the poster at the Impact PME venue

1.    Impact PME Conference Carrying France 2030 onto the International Stage

The "France 2030" plan outlines a substantial investment of 54 billion euros dedicated to reshaping the French economy, with a primary focus on innovation and decarbonization. In a strategic collaboration, Business France is working alongside the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) to imbue the plan with a distinctive international dimension. This partnership seeks to harmonize France's foreign trade strategy with the sectoral priorities of reindustrialization and the objectives outlined in France 2030. The overarching goal is to seamlessly integrate trade, attractiveness, and exports into the country's future economic vision.

In practical terms, Business France, in conjunction with the General Secretariat for Investment, is set to establish an international offering for the laureates of France 2030. Specifically, a targeted approach will support 1,000 SMEs/ETIs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises/Intermediate-sized Enterprises) through a comprehensive 30-month action plan characterized by robust guidance and financial assistance of up to 50% of their export development budget.


2.  Promotion of French SMEs and ETIs on Business France's E-showcases and Global E-commerce Platforms

The export plan sets forth a program designed to expedite digital prospecting by showcasing expertise exclusively "Made in France" through designated "French corners" on prominent international B2B reference platforms. Despite 20% of international professional exchanges already taking place digitally, Team France Export is poised to introduce a more assertive digital initiative, ensuring that our SMEs/ETIs gain access to efficient and environmentally friendly prospecting at a lower cost.

This initiative will see the mobilization of a total of 7,000 international buyers on E-showcases and global e-commerce platforms, benefiting 4,500 distinct French SMEs.


Photo of former French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne speaking at the Impact PME Conference

3. Invitation of Foreign Buyers

The export plan introduces a program aimed at bringing selected foreign buyers to France. This innovative initiative by Team France represents a significant expansion of its scope: not only does it propel companies into international markets, but it also actively attracts foreign clients to France, fostering new business opportunities for French enterprises. Whether during international trade shows in France or opportunistically, Team France Export, leveraging its on-the-ground knowledge of buyers and their purchasing strategies, will facilitate introductions between SMEs/ETIs capable of providing products and services tailored to the specific needs of these international clients.

A comprehensive effort will see the mobilization of a total of 700 international buyers across 35 Export events on national territory, organizing B2B meetings that will benefit 1,500 distinct French SMEs.


4. Strengthening Intensive Collective Support Programs (Boosters)

The plan incorporates an acceleration program strategically crafted to swiftly generate substantial export business and contribute to the cultivation of new French international champions, with a particular focus on the industrial sector. Team France Export is set to launch "Boosters+" tailored for selected and motivated companies in geographically promising areas, prioritized sectors linked to "France 2030," or a synergistic combination of both. These high-intensity support programs will encompass a market approach strategy phase, a commercial development phase in the target country, and on-site support operations, with the involvement of private providers for this final phase.

A rigorous selection process will identify 200 of the most promising companies poised to emerge as champions of tomorrow. Boosters will be offered through two distinct approaches: sector-specific for target countries with mature economies (Western Europe, North America, Northeast Asia), or geographical for large-scale exports (Middle East, Latin America, Indo-Pacific, and for Africa under an Accelerator format).


The current French Prime Minister Attal and the then French Minister of Education attended the meeting and delivered a speech. This picture shows Attal and other participants in front of the conference poster.

5. Recruiting More Young People from Priority Education Zones or Short Training Programs for V.I.E.

The plan advocates for the diversification of profiles among the young beneficiaries of the V.I.E. program (International Volunteering in Business). This strategic approach aims to dismantle both visible and invisible socio-economic barriers, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity for valuable international experience.

Under this initiative, support will be extended in the form of two months of allowances at the French rate specifically for recruiting V.I.E. candidates from priority education zones and young individuals who have undergone short training programs. This targeted support is designed to enhance accessibility and inclusivity within the V.I.E. program, fostering a broader and more diverse pool of participants.


6. Establishing an Export Territorial Volunteer Program (Volontaire territorial de l’export en entreprise - VTE Export)

The plan delineates the introduction of a hiring assistance program dedicated to supporting companies initiating their internationalization efforts from France. This program entails the engagement of students or recent graduates in roles specifically designed for export-related missions.

If you wish to know more about the cutting-edge government-supported programmes and tactics for exporting to China, please contact RougeLink for more information.

RougeLink offers e-commerce and import and export solutions, with integrated capabilities encompassing all aspects of the e-commerce value chain covering e-store operations, digital marketing, customer services, and logistics.

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