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Creating brand awareness through virtual KOL

Budweiser, a global beer brand, sought to create the brand awareness for the famous Chinese brand Harbin Brewery. The local brand had wide-spread reputation with long history, but lacked the appealing branding image to young generations in China.

We helped the brand to promote the brand awareness through collaboration with virtual KOL Ha Jiang supported by Warner Music Group. The key opinion leader and virtual influencer Ha Jiang, as a rapper is one of China’s most cutting-edge icons. 

We initiated and modelled the virtual setting of the promotional campaigns of Ha Jiang for the brand. By combing the rap, street culture and gaming, the iconic virtual idol illustrated a dynamic branding image to a wide range of Generation Z in China. The entire campaign resulted in 30M+ exposures in China.

Client: Budweiser

Year: 2022

Case: Metaverse

Creating brand awareness through virtual KOL

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