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Business Strategy & Research

Brand Positioning & Market Entry: Develop strategic plans to position brand effectively within the market and execute seamless market entry strategies.
Market Research: Conduct comprehensive market research to uncover industry trends, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities.
Customer Research & Insight Development: Perform in-depth customer research to generate actionable insights and inform strategic decisions.
Social Listening: Utilize advanced social listening tools to monitor brand mentions and gather insights on consumer sentiment and trends.
360 Digital Activation: Implement holistic digital campaigns that integrate various online channels for maximum engagement and impact.

E-commerce Operation

E-commerce Platform Selection: Identify and recommend the most suitable e-commerce platforms based on business requirements and goals.

Online Store Design: Design and develop optimized online stores that provide an intuitive and seamless shopping experience.

Logistic Management: Streamline logistics operations to ensure efficient inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery.

Online Promotion Planning: Strategize and execute targeted online promotion plans to drive traffic and boost sales conversions.

Social Media

Social Media Account Management: Establish and optimize professional social media profiles across key platforms to enhance brand presence.

Community Management: Foster and manage online communities to build strong, engaged relationships with audience.

Social Media Analytics: Analyze social media metrics to assess performance, gain insights, and refine strategies.

Social Media Audit: Conduct thorough audits of social media channels to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Media Buying Strategy: Develop and implement strategic media buying plans to maximize ad spend efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

Performance Marketing: Leverage data-driven marketing techniques to achieve measurable outcomes and optimize return on investment.

Influencer Management

Celebrity & Influencer Outreach & Management: Identify, engage, and manage relationships with key influencers and celebrities to amplify the brand.

MCN Management & Buying: Collaborate with multi-channel networks to enhance content reach and drive brand visibility.

Content Collaboration: Develop strategic partnerships with influencers to create compelling and authentic branded content.

Live-Streaming Management: Oversee live-streaming initiatives to ensure engaging and interactive brand experiences.

Measurement & Data Analytics

Brand Market Performance Tracking: Continuously monitor and evaluate brand performance metrics to guide strategic decision-making.

Online Brand Lift Study: Conduct studies to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns on brand awareness and perception.

Campaign Analytics: Analyze campaign data to identify performance trends and optimize future marketing strategies.

Data Warehousing & Management: Implement robust data warehousing solutions to ensure secure and efficient data management and retrieval.

 Social CRM Big Data Insight

Buyer Demographics Tracking: Track and analyze buyer demographic data to gain a deeper understanding of customer base.

Brand Perception Tracking: Monitor and assess changes in brand perception to inform strategic adjustments and marketing efforts.

Marketing Campaigns Monitoring: Continuously monitor marketing campaigns to ensure alignment with objectives and maximize effectiveness.

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