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Douyin (China TikTok) E-Shop's New Year Success: Emotion-Driven Advertising & Festival Promotion Strategy

Douyin (China TikTok), as a global social media platform, has reported a remarkable 75% increase in the daily average number of orders and a 113% surge in the quantity of products sold, as compared to the previous year. Within the China TikTok e-commerce center, the daily average paid GMV has witnessed an impressive spike of 98%, and the number of paid users has shown a corresponding increase of 132% compared to the performance from the previous year.

The Lunar New Year is a significant time for Chinese people to prepare for the festivities and usher in a new beginning. Douyin's e-commerce soared during Lunar New Year with emotion-driven advertising and strategic promotions. To welcome the Year of the Dragon, Douyin (China TikTok) has strategically curated content and shelf scenarios, implemented “Official Direct Discounts”, and highlighted “Key Products” with a significant allocation of advertising and capital resources. This approach has significantly boosted the continuous growth in sales for both brands and merchants.


1.     Diverse festival promotion activities

The shelf scenario is the key area for merchandise to convert orders, holding enormous business growth potential. During the Spring Festival, merchants have arranged multiple touch points in shelf scenarios, participating in various platform activities, bring more certainty for their sales growth. Many merchants seized the growth opportunity,  experiencing a surge in New Year sales and gaining market shares.

As one of the key activities during 2024 Douyin New Year shopping festival, “Official Direct Discount”, by capitalizing on a simple and direct discount to reduce users’ decision-making cost, enables more users to better understand and enjoy a good price, provides billions of exposure for merchants and accelerates the booms of brands’ new year business. During the New Year shopping festival, the total exposure of products with official direct discount has reached 77.6 billion. Premium merchants has attracted users’ attention and increase the order conversion rate, gaining business at the beginning of the year.

Selecting high-quality products supported by multi-dimension resources could help merchants operate more accurately, capturing certainty in New Year’s business growth. Douyin e-shop has launched “Key Products” (Super Value Bestsellers) for selected products, providing specialized supporting policies to help those products realize a “Quick, Accurate & Great” success. During the event, daily paid orders of those promotional products have increased by 118%, sparking a shopping trend online.

Good products at good prices have always been a focus for consumers and acted as a basis for merchants’ business growth. The platform enhanced the value for money of products through the Super Value Shopping channel, Low-price Flash Sale channel to attract the attention of consumers and drive sales performance. According to the statistics, the daily payment GMV of Super Value Shopping channel and that of Low-price Flash Sale channel increased, respectively, by 604% and 735%, compared to the same period last year.


2.     Powerful seeding through creative contents

When preparing for the Lunar New Year, "Nianhuo (New Year products)" is an essential ritual for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival. It refers to the specific food and items that are purchased and prepared during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, and are often considered auspicious and symbolic for bringing good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Nianhuo (New Year products) not only satisfy users' material needs but also carry the deep sentiments between family and friends. Nowadays, an increasing number of users pay more attention to the emotional connection behind Nianhuo shopping. Insightful into the trend of emotional consumption, Douyin e-shop connects users with products through high-quality contents, creating new marketing scenarios for “Nianhuo” to build momentum for businesses.


In 2024 New Year shopping festival, Douyin e-shop collaborated with the popular celebrity Fan Wei to shoot a series of themed short films titled "Gifts for Reunion, Celebrating the New Year at Home." These films intricately link the act of purchasing New Year goods with scenes of family reunion, infusing a strong emotion for those buying New Year products on Douyin e-shop. The short films revolve around reunion scenes such as the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, spring cleaning, and getting new clothes for the New Year. Through the perspective of a father, it showcases the mutual care within a family. The key message conveyed at the end of the films is the shopping mindset of "Direct Discount on Selected New Year Products." This series of heartwarming creative content seamlessly combines the rich goods offerings on Douyin e-shop, including local delicacies, home appliances, fashion cloths, etc., with the scenes of Spring Festival reunions, deeply resonating with users. The total exposure of the New Year shopping festival-themed TVCs across all platforms exceeded 880 million.


The daughter showing Douyin E-shop for the father
Chinese New Year's Eve dinner

To reach more users and quickly amplify the impact of this event, the platform simultaneously launched the topics like #DouyinEshopNewYearShoppingFestival and #YouKnowItsAGoodYearOnceYouSeeNewYearGoods. Numerous celebrities and creators have enthusiastically joined in, sharing contents related to the New Year festival, which created a lively atmosphere and expanded the platform's coverage. The cumulative play count for the relevant topics has exceeded 8.5 billion, enabling more users to order quality New Year goods through Douyin e-shop and enjoy a great New Year celebration at home.

Gifts for Reunion

3.     Premium advertising resources

During the New Year Shopping Festival, Douyin e-shop fueled merchants’ business with premium advertising resources. According to the advertising alliance plan, the platform united over 150 merchants, combining offline scenarios like airports, high-speed train stations, commercial center’s billboards, and online scenarios-App’s launch screen advertisement, realizing omni-channel high density advertising coverage. Focusing on the scenario of returning home during the New Year festival, the platform has conducted wall paintings in 500+ towns across 37 cities in 5 key provinces, namely Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong. With over 1200 advertising locations, the campaign conveys the message "Buy cost-effective New Year goods, visit Douyin e-shop," enhancing the influence of partner brands across all scenarios during the Douyin e-shop New Year Shopping Festival.

screen advertisement
wall paintings in 500+ towns

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