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Top #20 live-streamers on TikTok China – Series 1 Yi Ge: 30 million followers

Yi Ge (衣哥) is a leading livestreaming sales expert on the Douyin platform. With a massive fan base of over 30 million followers, he has established himself as a true sensation, captivating audiences with his engaging content and achieving remarkable sales milestones. Moreover, he actively engages in charitable endeavors, frequently hosting livestreams to support farmers and contribute to philanthropic causes.

 In 2008, with injuries from the wrestling arena, Yi Ge decided to give up his career as an athlete and returned to Hunan with the belief in perseverance and struggle. He started his entrepreneurial journey by venturing into the physical clothing business. Since joining the platform in late May 2019, he has captivated audiences with his energetic and inspiring persona as a small-town youth, earning labels such as "grassroots hero" and "beacon of positivity." In late 2019, his breakthrough moment arrived with a viral video featuring a borrowed car, garnering nearly 100 million views and surpassing 2 million likes.


Paris is renowned as the fashion capital of the world, and many international beauty and skincare brands have originated from this city. @rougelink and @Ni Pan were honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Yi Ge and embarked on his brand traceability event in France. Together, we explored the origins and history of brands, uncovering their unique stories and bringing insights into their creative processes and inspirations.

Rougelink with Yige in France

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Flores Zoey
Jul 11

It's fascinating to see the impact and reach of live-streamers on platforms like TikTok in China. With 30 million followers, Yi Ge is clearly making waves with their content. Live-streaming has become a powerful medium for connecting with audiences, showcasing talent, and building communities. It'll be exciting to see how these influencers continue to shape digital culture and entertainment trends in the future! 🌟

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