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The Rise of Luxury E-commerce on China TikTok

In 2023, China TikTok’s luxury short videos averaged over 13 billion views per month, with luxury live streams attracting over 22 billion viewers and luxury-related searches reaching 150 million per month. More than 70% of Chinese consumers who purchased luxury goods in the past year were active users of China TikTok.


The luxury industry on China TikTok experienced a staggering 254% year-on-year growth in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 2023, and this upward trend continued in the first half of 2024 with a remarkable 116% year-on-year increase.


Since May of this year, renowned brands such as Burberry, Balmain, Jimmy Choo, Marni, Golden Goose, and Diane Von Furstenburg have established official flagship stores on China TikTok e-commerce platform. Additionally, eight luxury brands exclusively launched their 520-themed products on China TikTok.


An increasing number of luxury brands are recognizing China TikTok as a crucial platform for online marketing interactions and sales. Just before the 520 festival, China TikTok introduced an official certification label for luxury products, emphasizing the concept of “official authenticity and quality service”. This initiative enables users to confidently select their desired luxury items on China TikTok.


The interaction between luxury consumers and brands is no longer limited to offline channels. Leveraging the advantages of comprehensive interest-based e-commerce, China TikTok connects brands, users, and conversions seamlessly. It caters to users’ diverse consumption scenarios—from glancing to seeding, and searching to purchasing.


In terms of content, luxury brands can utilize short videos and livestreams to convey brand values and engage with consumers, leading to content seeding and membership recruitment. In the realm of product availability, brands can complement search-based discovery with algorithmic recommendations, satisfying consumers’ personalized behavioral habits.

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