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Rougelink Presents at CEIBS Event on Sino-European Business

On June 3, 2024, the founders of RougeLink, Xiaoyan CHEN and Ni PAN presented in a workshop organized by CEIBS at Station F, the world's largest startup technology business incubator for technology start-ups. The workshop was attended by Bo Xu, the former French diplomat, Weijiong Zhang, Vice President of CEIBS, and Jacques Biot, Chairman of the Board (non-executive) of Huawei Technologies France, who engaged in discussions with the participants.

RougeLink and CEIBS at Station F
Bo Xu and Jacques Biot at Station F

The event brought together representatives from businesses and entrepreneurs from China and Europe to explore new opportunities for business cooperation between the two regions. As Chinese entrepreneurs in France, Ni Pan and Xiaoyan Chen, the co-founders of RougeLink, were invited to share their valuable experience in Chinese-European e-commerce and digital marketing.

RougeLink is an agency specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing services for the Chinese market. With offices in Paris, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, the company focuses on providing exceptional marketing and digital transformation services to premium brands entering the Chinese market. RougeLink assists international clients in implementing online and offline strategies in the retail market, with a focus on prominent e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, TikTok, and RED (Xiaohongshu).

During their speech, Ni Pan and Xiaoyan Chen elaborated on the current situation and development trends of the European and Chinese e-commerce markets, emphasizing the significant potential for digital transformation and e-commerce development in the European market and influencer marketing.

RougeLink presenting on the CEIBS workshop
RougeLink Founders Xiaoyan Chen and Ni Pan talking with Bo Xu

As a pioneer in Sino-European e-commerce, RougeLink offers comprehensive digital marketing services and e-commerce operations. Our in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce ecosystem on platforms like TikTok, coupled with our experience in collaborating with renowned French influencers and brands, has allowed us to acquire significant expertise in the e-commerce field. RougeLink eagerly anticipates more valuable opportunities for Sino-European business cooperation in the future.

RougeLink Founders Xiaoyan Chen and Ni Pan with Jacques Biot

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