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China TikTok E-commerce and the 520 Love Confession Season: A Celebration of Luxury

520, a unique Chinese festival resembling Valentine’s Day, known as the “Love Confession Season”, serves as a significant milestone for businesses on China TikTok. In collaboration with China TikTok’s super show IP, the luxury industry on China TikTok created the 520 Luxury Gift Selection event with a “gifting” theme. Throughout the campaign, Douyin's platform partnered with brands such as Versace, Maxmara, Emporio Armani, Lanvin, Kenzo, Net-A-Porter, and Amiparis to curate content marketing scenes that seamlessly integrated with e-commerce. The event aimed to recommend heartfelt gifts for romantic gestures and provide dating outfit tips to consumers.

The industry focused on two major hot topics: #520DressUp and #UnexpectedGifts. Luxury retailers strategically deployed these trending keywords across various touchpoints. They recommended dating outfits through self-broadcasting and short videos, leveraging the thematic ambiance of the 520 festival. Furthermore, they strategically positioned live streaming cards and product cards based on popular search terms, ensuring a seamless connection throughout the entire marketing ecosystem. This approach balanced brand exposure, transaction conversion, member acquisition, and retention.


Moreover, brands collaborated with celebrities by showcasing similar outfits. Through short videos featuring celebrity endorsements, they inspired users to search for luxury-related keywords, leading them directly to exclusive brand spaces. For example, ahead of the live show, Versace invited global brand ambassador Zhao Lusi to attend the opening of the "La vacanza" limited-time boutique experience in Chengdu. The celebrity’s short video generated organic interest, driving searches related to the brand’s keywords and building anticipation for the online live show.


On the day of the live show, the brand engaged with 11 celebrities, including Zhao Lusi, Dong Sicong, and Wei Zheming, through short videos that sparked interest and encouraged interaction in the livestreaming house. This celebrity engagement resulted in a staggering 600%+ increase in brand searches. Throughout the event, the rich variety of content formats, including live streaming and short videos, contributed to a remarkable 200%+ increase in transactions on the e-commerce platform and a 300%+ increase in purchases resulting from post-view searches.

520 love confession season dress up


With China TikTok’s powerful platform and the continuous innovation of luxury e-commerce strategies, the future of the industry looks promising. Luxury brands have found a dynamic and immersive environment on China TikTok, enabling them to effectively engage with consumers, promote their values, and drive sales.

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