Little Red Book:4 recent trends to guide strategy for international brands in 2021

November 2020, Little Red Book continues to be crowned as the best social media advertising value platform in China. It is not the first for RED to gain this recognition. For international brands who would like to development their image in RED, this article will introduce the following 4 trends to guide their strategy in the year 2021.

2020 has witnessed a dynamic year for RED platform which is equivalent to Instagram in the rest of the world. More than 100 million monthly active users of whom 80% are female. The key words mostly mentioned by users in 2020 are cosmetics, fashion, mum & baby, health care, wedding, lose-weight, sports & gym, travel, photography, culture, electronics, pets and home decoration.

Trend 1: RED is becoming a more dynamic life style platform

How to live a life with fashion sense and delicacy is the core desire of RED users. KOLs are also leading the trend by building the life that every girl dreams of. The platform is evolving into a more dynamic place which becomes the encyclopedia of a fashionable girl in most all aspects of life, laying foundation for more commercial opportunities for RED.

Trend 2: more short videos, more exposure

In 2020, short videos or vlog develop very fast in RED. 70% of the most popular publications are driven by its short videos. For brands who adopt short videos, they are more likely to have a good communication with consumers and higher conversion rate for purchasing. At the same time, RED raise the bar for KOLs content. 2021 will see the major change where top KOLs will keep their dominate position by producing videos while medium level KOLs and KOCs will publish written articles accompanied by photos.

Trend 3: live-streaming with high purchase value

Live-streaming is a common way of getting the products known quickly. Different from Alibaba live-streaming, RED is more focused on sharing rather than pushing people to purchase. It feels more like a normal sharing session between friends with more trust. That’s why RED live-streaming generate more value per purchase. According to professionals, a KOL with 50 million followers could sell 30 million yuan product per session. 100 KOLs contribute to an easy sales target of 100 million yuan per year. For brands, RED live-streaming could strengthen the brand image fast and furious. That’s why many domestic brands, international niche brands and food brands love to use live-streaming in RED.

Trend 4: good seeding requires both content and KOL’s influence

Brands need to find the precise base of clients and increase its exposure among those targeted customers. To deliver content with value is key in this seeding process and the content shall include not only product information but spirit satisfaction. By using the influence of KOL, product message can reach the precise base of consumers who will share the message in their own social media circles, generating ripple effect.

In order to succeed, brand shall also use big date to analyze the behavior of end users and actively build the brand image along the evolution of the RED platform so as to seize the organic traffic bonuses and achieve maximum ROI for its marketing investment.

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