Digital marketing campaigns

Mum & baby

Customer is a well-known France brand for over 15 years. The company is known for the baby milk on special formula in France. The brand wished to enhance the branding in Chinese market, especially through the two platforms – RED and Baidu. The objective of the marketing campaigns was to increase brand awareness, and to realize online sales directly through B2B sales channel.

We have leveraged our resources of exclusive KOLs to launch a series of online video at the RED, directly through the official account. The videos have been made live with interactions of followers, by sharing of exclusive KOL specialized in mum & baby products.

We have also leveraged our strong capacity of big data analysis to optimize the SEO on the RED. We have identified and mapped out the benchmark of key words for the baby milk products in China. 

As a result, we have identified key words to increase the ranking of search, and succeeded at targeting the two market segments by our exclusive KOL.